Structure and characteristics of impact jaw crusher

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The impact jaw crusheris mainly used for the crushing the medium-hard and hard materials. Itsmain features are the followings. The crushing chamber is a tilt spacewith different tilt angles, which can form two crushing cavity, namelythe coarse crushing cavity and the fine crushing cavity. The butterflyspring is used to achieve the overload protection. The operation speedis high. The crusher equipment effect is composed of the moving jaw liner,fixed jaw liner, moving jaw, spindle, eccentric shaft, bearings of theroller, rod head, connecting rod, adjusting screw, insurance spring,adjustment wedge, beams, support plate, support head, flywheel and therack.

Compared with other crusher machines,the impact jaw crusher has the advantages of low production cost andhigh working efficiency. The impact jaw crusher is generally made of thehighly wear resistant manganese steel liner, because the liner of thejaw crusher has very high wear requirements. When the jaw crusher works,there are two jaw plates in the crushing cavity. One jaw plate is fixedwhich is called the fixed jaw. The upper end slightly tilts to theoutside and it is fixed on the front cavity wall of the crusher. Theother jaw plate moves back and forth which is called the moving jaw orthe jaw tongue. The position of the moving jaw is tilt. The moving jawforms a trapezoid crushing cavity with the fixed jaw. Since the workingarea formed by the moving jaw and the fixed jaw mainly contacts with thematerials to be crushed, they have very high wearable requirements.

The development of the mineral resources is inseparable from the miningmachinery and equipment. Therefore, as the important mining machineryequipment, the impact jaw crusher is indispensable. As the firstproduction process of the mineral crushing production line, the impactjaw crusher can be used for the primary and simple crushing operationfor the stone material crushed from the mine so that the stone materialis easier and better to be handled into the next program.


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