Clinker grinding plant application and improving

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Clinker grinding plant is mainly appliedfor the fine grinding process of a variety of materials such as kaolin,limestone, calcite, marble, barite, gypsum, iron oxide, iron oxide, aluminumhydroxide, green paint, clay, coal, activated carbon, feldspar, calcite, talc,barite, marble, limestone, carbon black clay; the product fineness is between500 mesh (25 um) and 500 mesh (5 microns) and the fine powder can be 3500 mesh(3.55 microns).

The Durability of Clinker Grinder is Improved

When grinding steel slag, fly ash, slag and coal, due to the one-time feeding capacity is different and powders are particularly thin, and thebuffering fill layer is very thin, it is easy to contact with the grinding roller andgrinding ring directly and form high frequency vibration and noise, thuse causing serious fatigue rupture to the parts; therefore, we need to take some measuresin structure strengthening and vibration isolation so as to improve thereliability and durability of clinker grinder.
(1) Roller device adoptssliding bearing to strengthen the assembly rigidity and intensity between the rollerwheel and the axle sleeve;
(2) Take the vibration isolation structure andcanvas soft connection to protect components from vibration and increase thereliability and longevity;
(3) Large base adopts casting steel to increasewall thickness and steel thickness;
(4) Increase the bellows wall thickness,decrease wind size and increase damping pads;
(5) The host anchor bolt adoptsreplaceable foundation structure.


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