Quarry limestone grinding equipment

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Due to the urgent needs of the Quarry Stone Plant Model market for limestone powder, Shanghai respond quickly experienced engineers in the original mill on the efficiency and make the appropriate adjustment and optimization, heavy launch a limestone grinding mill. Our limestone grinding mill adopts German advanced milling technology, manufacturing, made ??from high quality materials. It has many incomparable advantages, such as milling effect, through screening rate of 99%; highly automated, enabling unmanned operation; novel design, reasonable structure.

Currently on the domestic Crushing Plant Stone Production market, mainly limestone processing equipment applications ultrafine mill, coarse powder mill, high pressure hanging roller mill and so on. Shanghai R & D produced a series of limestone milling machine – the European version of the trapezium mill, TX130 strengthen ultrafine mill, three-ring medium speed micro powder mill, the mill processing a wide range of series, high yield, fineness fine, regulate a wide range of product size to better meet customer needs, superior grinding pressure, stable performance, easy operation and maintenance. Advanced equipment and technology, and improve after-sales service, mills quickly dominated the limestone grinding milling market, the investment market has become the favored customers limestone equipment. One of our ultra-fine grinding of Sweden introduced the advanced manufacturing technology, greatly improving the fineness of the components, thus improving the quality and stability of the entire device. It is by our experienced engineers after years of painstaking research and development, product fineness of 4,000 projects. Customers can according to different uses, quick to adjust the fineness of the finished product.

limestone grinding mill Technical Features

Limestone milling machine for milling various ore, coal processing. After years of practice and continuous improvement, and its structure has been improving, with high efficiency, low energy consumption, small footprint, low capital investment and environmental pollution. Limestone grinding mill roller, grinding ring with high-tech materials made to enhance the stability of equipment operation, extending the life of the machine. Compared with the general mill, which has many performance advantages: 1. Roller, grinding ring grinding curve with a new design, which greatly improves the efficiency of the mill, disposable product fineness can reach the standards. 2. In fineness of materials and finished the same circumstances, it is the general life of wearing parts grinder 2-3 times. 3. Its absence Rolling grinding chamber and a screw, so there is no problem of wearing bearings and seals, to reduce the consumption of wear parts.


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