Asphalt Pavement Aggregate Manufacturing Machine

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Compared with the Kaolin Processing pavement, asphalt pavement comfort is very high, high level track, highway will use the asphalt pavement, the asphalt pavement asphalt mixture quality needs a lot of asphalt pavement, and comfort and the mixture is associated. In recent years, we found that the basalt, diabase and other hard rock is more suitable for asphalt mixture in high grade road use, not only wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and the darker, more clear identification. But these material production of asphalt mixture has two that one is, these rocks are very hard; the two is the fineness requirements of asphalt mixture is usually better than fine sand.

So how to prepare high Gypsum Plant asphalt mixture? Tool equipment of the new type system sand machine is professional sand machinery introduced, because the full power, big crushing force, the material is accelerated to 70m/s at the edge of the impeller, high impact to the material curtain and week protective plate, forming material grinding, polishing head adopts hard alloy, week guard plate and lining plate adopt high manganese steel, because the stone dozen stone, hot stone, it has strong ability of hard rock crushing, efficiency is very high.

new system sand machine building sand would produce a part of sand fly in the business, and this part of sand fly is a very high-quality asphalt mixture, used for highway pavement fitting. And the choice of model sand making machine, the modified material parallel production of sand and asphalt mixture, construction, is the effective measure to improve a building materials enterprises, is a great help for building enterprise specialization, scale.


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