Small scale open pit gold mining equipments

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Gold Stone Crusher Deploy Manufacturer mining is the extraction of gold from the formation of gold-rich process. Gold type of diversification, determine mining methods are not the same. Mainly for underground rock gold mining and open pit mining; primarily for open pit mining placer gold. Gold, one refers to gold ore, gold has enough content and industrial utilization of mineral aggregates; finger refers to gold mine, gold obtained through places with mining operations; three fingers refers to on the gold deposit geology, mineralization formed by gold ore with a certain scale industrial use can be stacked.Tons less than 5 tons of rock gold mine is small scale gold, between 5 tons to 20 tons of medium and large tonnage of more than 20, including 20 tons. Less than two tons of gold placer is small scale gold, between 2 tons to 8 tons of medium-sized, 8 tons or more, including eight tons for large.

Small scale open pit gold mining equipment manufacturer

Extraction of sand needed to determine the Stone Crushing Equipment Sale content of gold, grain shape, placer type and other factors. Small scale gold mining equipment is also divided into many different types and models, customers can bring their own sample 50 kg to plant for small-scale gold testing equipment to buy gold based on the results of the experiment.shanghai is a professional mining equipment manufacturer. The factory manufacture washing machines, jig, amalgamation barrel, distillation tanks, separators and other small-scale gold equipment,which free minor washing test, design washing process and device configuration, please contact us.

Small scale open pit gold mining equipment for sale

Small scale gold mining equipment mainly includes small scale washing machine, small scale amalgamated drum, small scale jig and so on. According to different types of gold deposits in need and at the same time the small gold mining equipment. For general types of placer gold, washing equipment according to its content to determine the level of gold particle shape and other factors. For lower levels of placer gold generally go through drum sieve, shuffled around the large size of the waste rock, sand into jigger enrichment gravity separation, dehydration jig concentrate into the amalgamation process, the maximum the degree of recovery of heavy minerals in gold. For a very low content of gold placer usually go through a simple and efficient beneficiation chute, chute tailings through screening, abandoned coarse, fine sweep the election into the jig, jig chute ore concentrate and mixed into the mix mercury in gold extraction processes of gold.


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