great benefits of energy conservation

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After the understanding of these enterprises on the basis of trapezium mill on the principle of equipment, production capacity and the screen was improved to ensure barite screening system run more smoothly, all kinds of barite products more precise, the energy consumption is small, production capacity greater.

In this regard, the trapezium mill responsible person also requires enterprises to conscientiously implement the regulations on the management of barite, barite consumption, fuel consumption, water consumption and power consumption of daily supervision, day, month, Zhou Hesuan analysis comparison, supervision and inspection of small economic indicators for the completion of the situation, with a small index assurance indicators completed.

At the same time, strengthen the power into the reasonable ratio of furnace barite, the optimization of barite source, the implementation of fuel efficiency supervision, to maintain a reasonable inventory, timely and burn the old new deposit, reducing the loss of heat value, improve the efficiency of barite into the furnace. A series of technical innovations to make barite more smooth, more economical use of barite-fired boiler operation, effectively control. Finally, compared with the usual, companies in the same power supply under the condition of barite consumption was reduced by 2394 tons, saving synergistic effect is very obvious.


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