Why is our quarry crusher different from others?

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asked May 8 by penoyzhcn (2,920 points)

Our quarry crusher is a high efficient stone crusher designed by our professional experts on the basis of introducing foreign technology and combing the property of metal materials in China.Our quarry crusher is quite different from other crushers because of the following features:

The quarry crusher owns a concise and compact external form. Its unique design structure of the bottom cylinder completes three important functions of directly adjusting the discharging mouth, preventing iron from going through the crushing chamber and cleaning the chamber.Our quarry crusher has supporting device on both upper end and lower end of the principle axis, so that it can sustain bigger crushing force and stroke, plus the special crushing chamber corresponding to the lamination principle, making it have higher crushing efficiency.

Our product perfectly integrates with crushing stroke, crushing speed and the shape of the crushing chamber, so that when the diameter of the big end of the movable quarry is the same, the productivity of this quarry crusher is improved by 35%~60% compared with that of traditional spring quarry crusher.

Our equipment uses unique crushing cavity and lamination crushing principle to produce crushing effect between particles, so that the cubic particles in the final products account higher proportion and the granularity is evener. In addition, its double-insurance controlled hydraulic and lubricating system can ensure the overload protection of the machine and fine lubrication of the bearing.


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