How to recover lost data from huawei p30 pro

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Huawei P30 and P30 Pro are expected to run on the same processor - probably Kirin 980 - and they all will have the same software user interface and experience - Android 9.0 with EMUI. There are rumors that the top of the P30 and P30 Pro displays will also have a water droplet gap, such as the OnePlus 6T, and there is no fingerprint sensor on any device, which may mean the display sensor of both.

Both the P30 and P30 Pro are expected to offer similar design details, with the metal frame sandwiched between the glass panels, although the choice of finish for both models may vary. We also want to get an official IP rating on both models.

As a Huawei fans, can't you wait to buy a new Huawei P30 Pro as your new handset? If so, you must be interested in how to recover lost data from Huawei P30 Pro. In fact, to get back the lost data from Huawei P30/P30 Pro, you just need Huawei Data Recovery.

Huawei Data Recovery can easily Recover Deleted Text Messages, Contacts, Videos, Photos, Call logs, Whatsapp Messages and other Document Files from Any Huawei Smart Phone and SD card.

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Android Data Recovery came into being, it is a tool developed specifically for data recovery. It can recover almost any deleted and lost data from a common Android phone.

Recover Data from HUAWEI P30


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Huawei data recovery software allows us to recover lost data from huawei p30 pro easily. Usually, the lost data on huawei p30 pro will be scanned out by Huawei data recovery software, if they are not overwritten by new data. All the lost data will be marked in red, and you can recover them back easily.

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