The latest product superfine grinding is another weapon for the milling industry

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asked May 13 by anonymous

Ultra-fine grinding, also known as ultra-fine grinding machine, is a kind of Raymond Mill. It is widely used in the grinding of mineral products in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining, etc., according to the fineness of the material being polished. The material's fineness is classified and named. Moreover, the ultra-fine grinding is a new type of grinding equipment developed and produced by our company, and the ultra-fine grinding effect is also very good. The sales effect of the grinding machine in the market is also very good, winning many customers. Satisfaction, but also a lot of new customers, let us talk about the characteristics of ultra-fine grinding: 1, superfine mill finished product range of a wide range of particle size, the finest particle size up to 3500 mesh. 2, ultra-fine grinding machine dust removal effect is better. 3. The adjustment of the analyzer of the ultra-fine mill is very convenient. 4, superfine mill grinding device sealing performance is better. Our company's ultra-fine grinding, the mill can accept 20mm, Mohs hardness below 6 non-flammable and explosive limestone and other materials, due to the host The grinding roller and the grinding roller assembly have undergone major changes. The material has to be ground many times from top to bottom, which fully utilizes the centrifugal force of the grinding roller and has a large contact area with the grinding ring, so that a fineness can be produced. powder. The fineness of the finished product is mainly distributed between 5 and 45 microns. The design of the three-ring medium-speed micro-powder mill changes the structure of the Trapezium mill. The grinding roller and the grinding ring are made of hard alloy, and the service life is greatly extended. Need to change consumables frequently, greatly improving the efficiency of use. In some areas and fields, it can replace the jet mill produced by the United States and has high economic value.


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