High-efficiency crusher effectively improves the quality of the sandstone aggregate

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At present, the status quo of China's development is still the continuous expansion and transformation of the city and the development of rural urbanization. The construction industry has also followed a large number of projects to promote the development of the artificial sand making industry for building materials, which also makes the Quarry crusher meet the rapid development needs of the artificial sand making industry.
The smooth progress of the project is strictly controlled by the construction materials. In the process of using concrete, not only the technology of sand aggregates is required, but also the quality control is stricter. When the artificial sandstone aggregate gradually replaces the natural sand market, the appearance of the crusher directly determines the quality level of the mechanism sand aggregate, and the high-efficiency crusher can also meet the development of the industry.
What kind of high-efficiency crusher can make it stand on the development of the industry? The Sand making machine raw material enters the crusher through the belt conveyor after rough breaking, and breaks through the impact of the hammer with high-speed rotation. The crushed material obtains kinetic energy from the hammerhead, high speed. Impact counterattack plate, multiple collisions to achieve crushing operations. Small-grained materials will be discharged from the purlins, and the large particle size will be re-examined by the impact and grinding of the hammerhead to be discharged from the purlins to obtain high-quality finished sand. This series of high-efficiency crusher, high line speed design, new high wear-resistant alloy material, reasonable body structure design, innovative slab design, steel hard extrusion crushing principle, finally achieve the control effect of discharge granularity .
The current sand production requires environmentally friendly production. The high-efficiency crusher, as a sand making equipment, has its own set of dust removal, which reduces or even eliminates the most troublesome dust pollution in the sand making industry. In addition, the high-efficiency crusher solves the problem of uneven grain size and high impurity content of the finished sand product, and can produce high quality and superior grade sand and gravel aggregate.


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