What are the applications of limestone micro-grinding?

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asked May 15 by anonymous

There are many applications of limestone in different industries. The annual production of limestone in China exceeds 200 million tons, and the average production of limestone in China can reach 130 million tons. More than 50% of limestone in China is used as a mixture of cement production due to technical level. Improve the development of limestone mill in the direction of cement main materials, both in terms of economic benefits and environmental benefits.
China's related research has kicked out the recommendation of the cement industry to promote the micro-grinding. As a large-scale grinding equipment, the micro-grinding is concentrated, crushed, dried, ground and transported in one, the production efficiency can be higher, and the block can be used. The granulated powdery material is ground into the desired powdery material.
The grinding principle of micro-grinding has obvious advantages in drying ability, metal wear and simplification, etc. It has the characteristics of low noise, low dust pollution, low investment and low energy consumption, and has been widely used in cement, electric power, metallurgy, In the non-metallic mineral industry such as chemical industry, it has also been promoted and applied in large-scale production systems. With the increasingly mature technology of micro-grinding technology and the increasingly prominent technical advantages of micro-grinding products, it actively absorbs successful foreign experience. Through the continuous technological innovation and upgrading of the R&D team, we have successively launched grinding equipment with independent intellectual property rights.


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