kaolin processing running operation technology

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asked May 21 by birder2525 (3,680 points)

With the rapid development of modern technology, new technology, new concept and new technology modernization continue to infiltrate into kaolin processing field, effectively promoted the rapid development of crushing equipment, has provided the powerful technical support and equipment guarantee for the whole mine construction industry. Crawler type high performance crusher chassis adopts caterpillar fully rigid hull structure, high strength, ground down, through the good, good adaptability to upland, wetland.

The crusher of many manufacturers, caterpillar Shanghai Zenith company production of crushing equipment and traditional crusher other compared with high performance, high reliability, beautiful appearance, walking system uses the full power variable.The company production of caterpillar kaolin processing to unit as a foundation, composed by feeder and jaw of coarse crushing unit, taking the conical with a vibration sieve in chopped finely unit in unit, the equipment is highly integrated, very compact, to the extent possible, to save space and weight, different unit are respectively arranged in the independent the movable chassis, so the same unit can flexibly move, not only can freely adjust the position in the crushing plant, and can be driven on public roads.


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