What is the role of the static vane of the vertical roller mill?

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The world's vertical roller mill was developed in Germany in the 1900s. It is said that its grinding principle is similar to that of the ancient mill grinding grain. It uses the bed grinding principle to grind the material, overcomes many defects of the ball mill grinding mechanism, has high grinding efficiency, low power consumption, and drying ability. Large, allowing the grinding material to have a large particle size. Moreover, the grinding process is simple, the floor space is small, the civil construction cost is low, the noise is low, the wear is small, the service life is long, and the operation is easy. These features have made the vertical roller mill more and more attention. So, do you know the static blades of the vertical roller mill?

The role of static blades of vertical roller mills:

The high-speed motor drives the drive shaft to rotate through the transmission device, and the material enters the powder selection chamber, and then falls between the upper and lower cones and the powder passage pipe on the discharge tray. The spreading disc rotates with the vertical transmission shaft, and the material is evenly sprinkled around under the action of inertial centrifugal force. The dispersed material is connected to the fan through the air inlet. Under the action of high-speed airflow, the coarse and heavy particles in the material are subjected to the action of inertial centrifugal force and are collided toward the inner wall surface of the powder separation chamber and then slide down the wall surface, falling into the coarse powder collecting cone, and the remaining particles are rolled up by the rotating rising airflow. . When passing through the action zone of the large wind blade, under the impact of the big wind blade, a part of the coarse powder particles are thrown to the inner wall surface of the powder selection chamber, and after the collision, slide down the wall surface to the coarse powder collecting cone. After passing the large wind blade, the medium coarse powder and fine powder continue to rise through the vertical guide vane under the action of the ascending airflow, entering the secondary particle selection zone, and the strong and stable plane vortex formed by the dusty airflow makes the medium coarse powder It is thrown to the vertical guide vane under the action of centrifugal force, and then falls into the medium coarse powder collecting cone. The fine powder that meets the requirements is discharged through the medium-thick powder tube and enters the interior through the cage rotor, and enters the high-efficiency and low-resistance cyclone separator with the circulating wind, and then slides into the fine powder collecting cone to become the finished product.

It is clear that the role of product components is critical to understanding a product. This will help us to better select the products we need and let the products work for us. Although the stationary blade is a very small part, it has a very important position in the process of selecting the powder in the vertical roller mill.


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