based structure of jaw crusher

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Jaw crusher in daily life at any time can be seen, especially in some river sections, can be seen at any time, it is because of its existence, our city will become so beautiful, we will be building houses so strong. Why is this, the main reason is that the construction units, all need to use sand, if not sand, housing at the time of construction is not so strong, there is no many-storied buildings now.

Jaw crusher, is the production of construction required sand. When mining sand to need to use jaw crusher, is the processing production of mining the ore, stone crusher counterattack the main role, some price crude ore, processed into some direct can be used for the production of sand.Each local sand and gravel mining are limited, when a region of sand and gravel mining over time, you need to transfer mining places, it is necessary to transfer the equipment.

For large equipment crusher such as one-time transfer difficulty is relatively large, and is on the banks of a river, not at all good transfer, so the manufacturer before production on the design of jaw crusher foundation structure, make it easy to remove and install, such words as an area of the sand and gravel mining finished and the need for the transfer, the transfer of the mining equipment is very convenient.


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