How much is the price of graphite mill vertical roller mill?

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asked Jun 10 by anonymous

Graphite powder is an important raw material in the national economic construction. Preparation of graphite powder, SBM heavy machine has accumulated rich experience in machining and manufacturing, and the experience of the program team is also very rich. According to customer requirements, the exclusive selection plan is developed for the development of graphite industry. Supply more scientific grinding equipment. Processing of earthy graphite powder, SBM heavy machine precision manufacturing ideal graphite vertical roller mill grinding machine, providing price and selection plan of graphite vertical roller mill, meeting the needs of large-scale milling, making positive efforts for the development of the industry and A bigger contribution.

Earthy graphite is also called microcrystalline graphite. The graphite has excellent quality and high fixed carbon content. There are many main uses in the market. The surface of the earthy graphite is earthy, with less harmful impurities, iron, sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen. Molybdenum, with low hydrogen content, generally has a carbon content of 60-85%, and a few can reach more than 90%. It has high temperature resistance, heat transfer, electrical conductivity, lubrication and plasticity. The earthy graphite powder is widely used in steel smelting or casting carbonation, and becomes a graphite recarburizer in the market. It can also be used in casting coatings, mold fluxes, manganese carbon, silicon carbide balls, etc. It can also be used in applications such as painting, batteries, carbon products, pencils and pigments. The processing of earthy graphite powder, the vertical roller mill supplied by SBM heavy machine is indispensable. It is a professional grinding equipment, which can be tailored to the selection scheme and equipped with reasonable price of graphite vertical roller mill to help each enterprise create more. Great output value, to achieve greater brilliant future.


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