High-pressure Raymond mill features SBM heavy industry introduction analysis

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High-pressure Raymond mill is a new type of mill developed by SBM Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. for many years. It has comprehensive mechanical pulverizing properties such as rolling, grinding, impact and collision, especially suitable for calcium carbonate, kaolin and graphite. Ultra-fine pulverization of non-metallic minerals such as talc is an ideal equipment for ultra-fine pulverization of deep processing of non-metallic minerals. The device has the following features:

(1) It has the advantages of high fineness, high output, low energy consumption and low investment: the crushing capacity of high-pressure Raymond mill is more than double that of Raymond mill, jet mill and impact mill. For example, the high-pressure Raymond mill pulverizes the calcium carbonate product with a fineness of 500 mesh, and the output can reach 2 to 2.4 tons per hour, and the unit power consumption is 80 degrees.

(2) The fineness of the product can be adjusted at any time according to the needs. The fineness of the product is good (D97=2~35 μm), and the products with different meshes can be produced to meet the market demand, so as to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise.

(3) It has a complete complete system, and the built-in grading system can complete two processes of superfine pulverization and super-segmentation at the same time. It is equipped with high-efficiency cyclone separator and dust collection system. The complete system is operated under negative pressure and is clean production. Ideal equipment.

(4) The complete set of equipment is easy to install and does not require ultra-fine pulverization of large starch, food and other materials.

SBM Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., professional Raymond mill, high pressure Raymond mill manufacturer, welcome to our company for the purchase of milling equipment.



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