concrete crushing machine structure adjusted

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When the concrete crushing machinery in normal working operation, regardless of operating personnel or non operating personnel, may feed inlet material with direct hand touch device, more can not be directly removed the crushing cavity or moving about stone from equipment. Fifth, according to the related electrical equipment concrete crushing machinery, must be in accordance with the provisions of the grounding, and the need to take the corresponding wire installed in the meet the requirements of the insulating tube.

Ore crushing system of equipment structure adjusted, so as to conform to the specifications of the exercise according to the regulation of a good program, so that they can make the equipment for crushing various materials of the crushing cavity smoothly. Through the above brief introduction, we believe that for concrete crushing machinery safety operation must have a simple understanding, in this remind you, no matter what type of machinery, should have a correct operation process and technique.

This can not only ensure the property of the enterprise is not easy to be damaged, more can guarantee the life safety issues of employee. Want to know more information about concrete crushing machinery, welcome momentarily pay attention to dynamic updating of our site, and learn more about the crusher news.


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