daily maintenance work

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We should pay attention to check the trapezium mill surface material is too much, and grease density is too large and agglomeration, these are the need for timely treatment. Many people know that three layers of trapezium mill performance is very good, but in the actual producing process, there will be slow in rotation, bearing overheating phenomenon of trapezium mill. In general, the reason this happens is the main operator does not do a good job of daily maintenance work, not in time to add the lubricating oil and grease on the equipment connection. 

Then you need to timely relevant maintenance, replacement of lubricating grease in time, ensure the normal operation of 3trapezium mill. Failure in 3circle trapezium mill using the time will inevitably Samuel Eto'o of sorts, this time need relevant operators to find the fault location, according to their own knowledge to find a solution, or on the basis of trapezium mill parameters to make reasonable judgments. If you can't handle himself, shall promptly contact the professional maintenance staff, timely inspection and repair of equipment, makes the production as soon as possible to restore normal.


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