Impact crusher for hard rock crushing particle shape is super good

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The Impact crusher belongs to the mechanical equipment that uses the impact energy to break the ore. Because of its large crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, regular product grain size and selective crushing, it develops rapidly despite its late appearance. At present, it has been widely used in the middle and fine crushing of various ores in the industrial sectors such as building materials, coal, chemical industry and engineering.

The type of crusher has a great influence on the needle shape of the product. At present, there are three kinds of crushers, such as jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher, which are widely used. Because of their different working principles, the crushed stone needle The flake content is also different. According to production practice, the jaw crusher uses the crushing between the two planes, so the needle-like crushed stone has the largest content (>15%~20%); the cone crusher uses the squeeze and break between the two arc faces. Broken, the amount of needle-like crushed stone is second (10%~15%); while the impact crusher is broken by the impact force of the plate hammer and the counterattack plate in the crushing chamber, and the ore breaks along the weakest part of the surface energy, the crushed stone needle The tablet content is the lowest (<10%).

Due to the working principle, the impact of the hammer and counter-attack of the Impact crusher is serious and difficult to solve, so it is rarely used for the crushing of rocks above medium hardness. However, with the rapid development of national engineering construction projects, such as highways, the requirements for special stone for pavement are very strict. For example, the ultimate compressive strength of products must be greater than 100 MPa, and the content of granular needles must be less than 10%. Both the type and the cone crusher are difficult to meet these requirements. This forced people to switch to a counter crusher.


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