FIFA 2020 release date

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FIFA 2020 release date

Like the changing of the seasons (and the football seasons themselves), there’s an annually expected launch window for FIFA games.

For more than a decade, FIFA games have launched towards the end of September, and that's now confirmed with the Buy FIFA 20 Coins Online release date being set for September 27.

If you're an EA Access player however, you get a week's early play, with the game launching on the subscription service on September 19.

The news was confirmed with a new teaser trailer, posted on Twitter. You can find it embedded below.

The previous two FIFA games landed on the final Friday in September (29 September, 2017 and 28 September, 2018) which, as we predicted, would align FIFA 2020’s release for Friday 27 September 2019. Note that FIFA games launch with a title suggesting the year ahead – FIFA 20 may come out in 2019, but its FIFA 20 / 2020 naming will reflect the coming season.Want to buy mut 19 coins from


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