NBA Live 20 - Wishlist

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NBA Live 20 - Wishlist
How would you improve the next version of EA Sports NBA Live video-game? What features would you suggest to EA Sports to add to the game to make nba 2k20 mt a better basketball simulation game?

As a fan of NBA Live games for many years, the following are some changes that I personally wish to see in My Career mode in NBA Live 20, one of the most popular mode in the game.The Grind/The Road to 99/MyPlayers: This should be left in the MyCareer Story mode. This will keep those who only care about grinding, exploiting and spamming the same moves away from those of us who really want to compete. This way you can make a max attributes "demi-god" player, but would be limited to this single player mode. Maybe even have a co-op mode where you can invite other MyPlayers to play with you or something.

MyPark/JRC: This may be controversial, but My Players should not be allowed in these PVP modes. Like every other multiplayer. Let’s take Overwatch for instance. There should be multiple predefined characters at each position, that each person can select from. Since I’m using Overwatch, if I want to go healer, I can either use Mercy or Zenyatta both with their strengths and weaknesses. In 2K, once matchmaking ques up and before the match starts we pick our position and pick the skill set. Let’s say, I go PG. I can pick the Playmaker or Shot Creator for example. This way the Meta is easier to control, and skills with the character really do matter. Also you don’t have to build up different players if you want to play another position. We also don't have to worry about Mike Wang tuning and hotfixing every week trying to balance 100s of different create-a-player builds

MyPark/JRC Matchmaking: Bring back the real Rep System and make it actually matter. For JRC let your first 5-10 games be placement matches to put you in a tier group with other players that are in the same range. Games that are matched by rep can be Ranked. However also have an unranked mode for those who just want to chill and not deal with the try hard all the time.

Emotes/Clothes:These can stay as they are or however they want to do it. Keep the matchup sequence before the games start that they have now, and also have a winners sequence that shows all the stats/and emotes if they want.

Soundtrack: Only thing I would like to see is for them to go the NBA Live route,and remix the instrumentals while the games is playing, that way we can stream and upload videos with actual sound in


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