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The NBA 2K20 Wishlist

NBA 2K20 MT Coins series developer Visual Concepts doesn't usually reveal much about the next installment in the series until closer to the game's traditional fall launch, but with the Finals in full swing now's a great time to talk about the franchise's future.

Resident NBA 2K expert Matt Bertz has compiled a comprehensive list of things that we hope NBA 2K20 adds and/or addresses. Have a suggestion of your own? Put it down below in the comments section.

The NBA 2K game generally plays well in most phases of the game, but if there's one area that could use some extra attention, it's directly under the rim. We could single out the wide variance in layup shot timing that leads to unpredictable misses, shots strangely being considered contested when big men patrolling the paint aren’t even facing up or guarding the driving player, the slow speed of some post scoring moves, the jittery double-jumpers who are rewarded with turnovers by landing on your player, or the ridiculously frustrating missed layups when your big man is standing all by himself. Given the number of occasional issues surrounding scoring in the paint, we’d like to see Visual Concepts give this area a comprehensive review to identify the underlying issues and fix them in one fell swoop. Maybe then everyone wouldn’t be so obsessed with raining green threes. (One can dream.)

In 2K18, it was easy to blow past defenders of all kinds. Visual Concepts corrected this with 2K19, and while I’m appreciative of the re-emphasis on stopping the drive, right now it seems anyone can man up an all-star and largely keep them in check. I believe that lockdown defenders are the true backbone of most championship teams, and having a roster of them should benefit you greatly. Conversely, weak defensive players should be way more exploitable, especially when you get them in mismatch situations. I’d love to see this better reflected in the gameplay. If you’re controlling a weaker defender and Damian Lillard is bringing the ball up, you should feel vulnerable. If the tables are turned and you have a big man guarding your all-world guard off a pick and roll switch, you should feel all-powerful.Read More


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