Rincoe Manto X Kit Review. A Tiny Dual 18650 Mod + Tank.

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Rincoe Manto X Kit Review. A Tiny Dual 18650 Mod + Tank.

It’s a very standard and simple chipset, with the normal array of wattage, TC, TCR, bypass modes. One issue I have with the chipset is the scroll speed, it goes from slow 0.1 to really fast 1.0 increments,Rincoe mechman kit making precise adjustments more a case of luck that judgement – with the included tank, this isn’t really an issue – stick it at 65-70w and vape, but still this could be better. Another issue which annoys me is that it goes into sleep mode as soon as I leave it alone – granted, it’s only one button to wake it up, but it’s still something that could be improved on.
The up/down buttons are reversed (left goes up/right goes down) – using them becomes second nature within a day or two, but initially it is confusing and you will use the wrong button. It does feel slightly underpowered – where I found the sweet spot for flavor on the included tank to be 70w on this mod, on others I got the same flavor at 65w. Overall, I’d consider the chipset performance to be average – nothing terrible, but nothing outstanding.
Now, onto where this mod shines - it’s fucking tiny! - I knew it was small before I got it, but it’s even smaller than I imagined – I don’t think it’s the smallest on the market, but it’s got to be pretty close… and not only is it tiny, but it can take a 30mm atomizer. It’s really impressive packaging. I’m not a huge sub-ohm tank fan, so after testing the tank – this mod has become home for my Galaxies RDTA and it’s a great combination – 15w vaping with dual 18650s is obviously great for my battery life.
It feels generally solid, with no rattles. I’ve being using it daily for a couple of weeks now, dropping it on a few occasions – it’s still looking just as good as day one. The battery door is hinged from the bottom with a minimal amount of movement when open and nothing when shut.
Tank Review
The first thing I thought when I saw the tank was “why doesn’t it match?” – it’s silver – the mod is black, it’s certainly not an ugly tank but it would have been so much nicer if it had matched. The previous metis tank from Rinco came in a black version, this new one only comes in silver. Second thing I thought was “give me more/different coils please” – I’ve heard good things about Rincoe mesh coil-heads and really wanted to try dual/triple/quad – but nope, you get one single and that’s it.
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