Gemtek collaborates with Fibocom and Intel for new Gigabit LTE & 5G CPE

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Gemtek collaborates with Fibocom and Intel for new Gigabit LTE & 5G CPE.

Today, Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd. (“Gemtek”) announced 4 new customer premise equipment (CPE) products using Fibocom’s M.2 cellular modules with Intel 4G and 5G modems, supporting either Indoor or Outdoor deployment at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.LTE indoor CPE

The Indoor CPE (“WLTFDQ-154AX”) is powered by the Fibocom L860 module with the Intel® XMM™ 7560 4G modem that supports maximum Cat16 LTE speeds for downlink at up to 1Gbps. WLTFDQ-154AX also includes a powerful embedded quad-core networking processor, wide band MIMO antenna, Wi-Fi 6, VoLTE, and multi-gigabit interface. With a flexible modular design, the platform is ready to adopt the Fibocom FG100 embedded module with the Intel® XMM™ 8160 5G modem for 5G NR capability. The 5G CPE will cover mainstream sub-6GHz frequencies with support for multi-Gbps throughput, including EN-DC capabilities for combining 5G and LTE bandwidth. It can be self-installed anywhere in the home and is suitable in locations with good indoor signal strength.

The outdoor CPE (“WLTQD-128”) is powered by the same Fibocom/Intel module with Gemtek’s sophisticated outdoor design, supporting industrial grade environmental specifications and includes assistance software for professional installation. With embedded directional high-gain antenna and beamforming technology, this device is suitable for rural or longer reach locations far away from base stations. WLTQD-128 supports both pole and wall mounting to achieve best network efficiency even under poor cellular coverage conditions. WLTQD-128 also can attach to an optional indoor power over Ethernet (PoE) router to support Wi-Fi and voice to share a single power source and unified remote management system as one device.

“Fibocom 4G and 5G modules with Intel XMM modems inside provide a clear and achievable evolution path from 4G to 5G. We are glad to cooperate with Fibocom & Intel to create 5G ready solution to our customers,”Fred Yeh, the CTO of Gemtek said.

All products are provided with Gemtek’s comprehensive software stack, including user friendly interface, networking, firewall, VPN, voice and remote management which is widely deployed worldwide on commercial LTE networks. Gemtek is capable of providing operators reliable and easily managed FWA service for their customers with both 4G and 5G.


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