SEOWON Receives an Approval of FCC Part 96 (CBRS) with MiMo 4x4

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SEOWON Receives an Approval of FCC Part 96 (CBRS) with MiMo 4x4

Seowon (093920.KQ), a leading global manufacturer of LTE CPEs (outdoor, indoor, mobile hotspot, USB dongle) announced the development of a new line of LTE CPEs for the 3.5 GHz, Citizens Broadcasting Radio service (CBRS) market. The company received an approval of FCC Part 96 (EUD, FCC ID : V7MESLC-120T42OGA). It will give Seowon a great opportunity to target the CBRS market in the US.LTE indoor CPE
The new series of CPEs are fully compliant with CBRS’s Part 96 rules that provide benefits for consumers, businesses and government users. They are expected to lead to wide deployments of wireless broadband in fixed wireless access, private LTE, etc.- including an approval of FCC Part 90. Currently, Seowon is performing tests with major telecoms and cooperating with SAS (-Spectrum Access System) suppliers. Seowon has provided outdoor CPE, which is compatible with B42/43/48 in the US.

Furthermore, Seowon has newly launched the NB-IoT module, which supports Cat.M, NB-IoT and Sigfox. It is cost effective with various form factors such as LGA, M.2 and mPCIe. The company is engaged with a major European operator for factory automation, mining, port etc.


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