Huawei B2338 Outdoor LTE CPE Review

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Huawei B2338 Outdoor LTE CPE Review

In regions with poor LTE reception, if you wanted to use LTE as a DSL replacement, you had to rely on a combination of an LTE router and an external mobile antenna. The Chinese network specialist Huawei now offers the new LTE outdoor CPE B2338, an interesting combination of LTE modem, external antenna and router unit, which promises significantly better performance in poorly served regions. Technically, there is a strong similarity to the recently introduced on Huawei B2368, but the B2338 has a directional antenna instead of an Omni-directional antenna.outdoor lte cpe modem

The Huawei B2338 consists of two parts: there is an outdoor mobile phone antenna with integrated LTE modem and a router unit with wireless and external device connections. The mobile antenna is mounted outside of the building and should ideally be aligned directly with the cell towers. Wind and weather can not affect the technology if installed correctly.

The Huawei B2338 CPE supports LTE Cat12 in the downlink and LTE Cat13 in the uplink, ie depending on the network up to 600 MBit/s in the download and up to 150 MBit/s in the uplink can be achieved. In addition, the outdoor LTE CPE supports not only FDD LTE, but also TDD LTE and can use up to 4 × 4 MIMO antenna technology, depending on the operating mode. Various LTE frequency bands are supported, including the bands B1, B3, B7 and B20, which are common in Europe and Aisa.

The advantage of the modem is the integrated directional antenna, which can not cause losses due to an antenna cable that is too long. The gain of the antenna is at 9 dBi in the 3.5 GHz range according to Huawei.


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