The best power banks of 2019: portable chargers to keep your gadgets going

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The best power banks of 2019: portable chargers to keep your gadgets going

Power banks are one of the ultimate accessories for the modern gadget lover to have stowed away at the bottom of their bag. Mobile Power Bank low price

Whether it's to recharge your phone, laptop, Nintendo Switch or any other piece of tech you take around with you, a power bank can ensure you're not left without charge wherever you are.

As portable chargers have become commonplace, of course, they run into the opposite problem: there are a lot to choose from. We base our recommendations on a balance of battery capacity, safety and a svelte size with ample power reserves.

Below you'll find our list of the best portable chargers that include compact designs, high-capacity options and even laptop-compatible power banks. Hopefully we can recommend the perfect charger for you to ensure you never fall to 0% battery again.If you're looking for a high capacity charger that's portable, the iMuto 20,000mAh portable charger may be for you. It offers a 20,000mAh capacity that will be able to charge your average smartphone over four times and still have some charge left.

It can also charge some MacBooks and laptops too, but you may want to make sure it will be compatible with your computing option before you buy it. Considering the price though, we really like the iMuto... plus you've got the color choice of white or black.


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