P8 Outdoor Fixed Led Display Wall

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P8 Outdoor Fixed Led Display Wall

P8 Outdoor Fixed led display wall Features:
High brightness:
the products adopt super-high brightness LED, so that you can see clearly from a long distance even in strong sunshine.outdoor fixed led display
Good effect:
P8 outdoor fixed led display wall adopt non-linear calibration technology to realize clearer images with stronger feeling of layers.
High reliability:
the products adopt the static scanning technology and the module design technology to offer higher reliability and stability.
Diversified display modes:
the products support multiple display modes.
Easy operation:
outdoor led display wall adopt popular video playing software to facilitate system operations.
Available range: government plazas, recreational plazas, large-scale entertainment plazas, busy business and commercial centers, ad information boards, commercial streets, and railway stations etc..
P8 Outdoor Fixed led display wall Video:


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