Women's Sex Toy Company Sues MTA for Refusing to Run Their Ads on Subways

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Women's Sex Toy Company Sues MTA for Refusing to Run Their Ads on Subways A women's sex toy company on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against the Metropolitan Transportation Authority for refusing to run their advertisements on the subways. Brooklyn-based Dame Products claims the MTA violated its First Amendment rights and engaged in sex discrimination by turning down its ads showing various sex toys while allowing similar provocative ads for erectile dysfunction medication, condoms and the Museum of Sex.sex toy "The MTA's decision to reject Dame's advertisements reflects no legitimate principle of law," the company argued in its lawsuit. "Instead, it reveals the MTA's sexism, its decision to privilege male interests in its advertising choices, and its fundamental misunderstanding of Dame's products, which have transformed the sexual health and wellness of more than 100,000 consumers." The company is suing in Manhattan federal court for damages and to be allowed to run its ads.We have not been served with this lawsuit and cannot comment on it directly, but their public statements are clearly inaccurate as the MTA's advertising is in no way gender-based or viewpoint discriminatory," MTA spokesman Maxwell Young said in a statement. The MTA's advertising policy "clearly states that advertisements for sex toys or devices for any gender are not permitted, and advertising for FDA approved medication - for either gender - is permitted," Young said.


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