aluminum die casting manufacturer

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aluminum die casting manufacturer

The primary use of a GSM Desk Phone is for a temporary telephone service or for quick deployment for office use. Another popular use for GSM Desktop Telephones is for use as a GSM Taxi Phone. For example, our best selling GSM Phone is the Westlake DPH500® which features a special menu function called HotDial which enables the phone to be configured to dial a single telephone number when the handset it lifted. This means that the Westlake DPH500® can be deployed in locations where a taxi company wants to benefit from new customers.aluminum die casting manufacturer
Westlake stock GSM Deskphones from several manufacturers, but the best selling handset by far is the Westlake DPH500 due to it’s low cost and added hotdial functionality.

We stock the Westlake DPH500 2G GSM Desk Phone and the Jablocom range of GSM Desktop Phones.

View the full GSM Desk Phone Details and Specifications by clicking on the product links below


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