102-97-6 online deliberate?

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asked Jul 11 by sonn2019 (16,480 points)

102-97-6 online deliberate?

I've noticed that at drugs-forum.com, there's almost a concerted effort to praise anyone who's skeptical of cut methamphetamine, and anyone who distracts from topics related to that. Take this thread:102-97-6
Notices anything incorrect? You should. What the fuck is a "methylphenylamine" anyway?
Now look at this one, where they try to change the subject to the fact that alcohol is flammable and so this technique is apparently super dangerous:Quoting wikipedia for a flash point temperature for a different solvent than the one I said to use. "Exacting information! Nice work!"
I've figured some stuff out about the US methamphetamine supply, and have been trying to spread it around for harm reduction purposes. And yet, I've been getting some weird resistance in some unexpected places. Turn out, these supposedly high-tech meth labs were just diverting pseudoephedrine from India, and India cracked down on that pretty hard. So with no pseudo, the cartels switched to a p2p method. Of course, p2p produces racemic meth, so no crystals to speak of. So those fucking cartels cut it AGAIN with n-iso, to make it form crystals. So probably half n-iso and half racemic meth, meaning a quarter of the potency and a whole shitload of bad n-iso side-effects.
Anyway, ordinarily I wouldn't think much of it but Russia apparently threw the US election by spreading bullshit around online, so I wouldn't put it past cartels. Any thoughts?


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