Hydrapharm: Bromantane

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Hydrapharm: Bromantane

Bromantane is a nootropic which has a lot of positive feedback and research supporting its potential as both an aid to increasing your physical performance, with endurance and work capacity being two metrics it works particularly well in support of, while also being a powerful aid to enhancement of learning via increased motivation, focus and memory retention.148553-50-8
Bromantane should be used for short periods of time with 4-6 weeks being the maximum we would recommend. It is particularly useful for students studying for exams or those involved in intellectually challenging work.
Primarily a supplement to enhance cognitive functions, Bromantane is unique as a nootropic by also being a great aid to boosting endurance performance.
Hydrapharm Bromantane is a unique nootropic due to its potential to enhance motivation and exert anxiolytic effects at the same time. With dopaminergic activity being pronounced, users of this compound typically report improved focus, a more “alpha” mentality and comment on its sociable properties.

Moreover, Bromantane can help enhance physical performance metrics including endurance and work capacity.


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