How to fix canon ts3100 printer not printing

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Canon has been the most critical maker of print engines for quite a while (which one noted in industry-standard laser printers). In the begin, Apple LaserWriter's most punctual models and practically identical items made by HP utilized the Canon LBP-CX motor. 

The Canon LBP-SX motor was in this manner utilized by their consequent forms, for example, the LaserWriter II arrangement, LaserJet II. They utilized the Canon LBP-LX, LBP-EX, LBP-PX engines, and a few other Canon print engines after a short time. The exclusive BJNP convention (USB over IP port 8611) is connected by current printers. 

Ordinance TS3100 Printing Complications: Canon TS3100 Printer isn't Printing- 

  • Registration: Confirm that to switch it on, the printer is accurately associated with the primary power supply and hold down the ON catch. 
  • During a similar time as the printer instates, the ON light sparkles unsteady. 
  • Stay idle until the ON light glints and continue emitting light; hold up until it closes. 

Accepting you are printing a critical amount of data, for example, photographs or different kinds of representations, outlines, graphs, and so on., at that point know that printing will turn into a more drawn out movement and set aside more effort to get moving. 

  • The ON light continues sparkling while data is being arranged and dispatched to the printer by the PC. 
  • Postponement until printing begins. 

Check: Make sure the printer is connected to the PC accurately. 

As fast as you interface the printer with a USB link to your workstation, check the accompanying: first, in the event that you utilize a hand-off machine, for example, a USB center point, expel the association from a vitality source; at that point associate the printer straightforwardly to the PC and re-try the printing. 

  • Except if printing begins as you may expect, the transfer contraption will have a breakdown in that circumstance. 
  • Connect with the transfer gadget seller. 
  • There's additionally the potential for your USB link to be troublesome. 
  • Supplant the antiquated USB link with a shiny new one and attempt to print once more. 
  • In the event that you utilize the printer over a LAN, twofold watch that the printer is set up for system use in an endorsed way. 
  • Be cognizant that the Setup Utility of the IJ Network Device enables you to analyze the system and make it work once more. 
  • Download it from the site pages concerned. 

Check: Double-watch that Paraphernalia Chime is provided by your paper and printed with the Rear Tray Information Program. 

  • If your paper settings don't coordinate the balanced information on the backplate, a mistake code will show up on your LCD and a message' Error Occurs' will show up on your PC. 

Check: Did you pick your printer driver cautiously before printing? 

  • In the event that you utilize a printer driver of a different printer, the printer won't print accurately. 
  • For Windows, ensure you compose the title in the Print exchange box as' Canon XXX grouping' (where' XXX' speaks to the name of your printer). 
  • In the event that you need to utilize the printer firmly chose to be the most fitting and expressed as a matter of course, select Set as Default Printer. 
  • For Mac OS, be cautious in the Print discourse to pick the name of your printer under the printer. 
  • Check 6: Is there a tremendous measure of print information? (Windows) On the printer driver arrangement sheet, click Print Options. 
  • At that organize, in the discourse that comes into point of view, choose Print Data Loss Prevention and move it to On. 

This activity can drive down print quality. Registration: If you're printing from your PC, begin your PC sooner or later. Visit  Canon Printer Customer Service


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