Mobile LED Screen Trailer

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asked Aug 14 by sonn2019 (8,540 points)

It is commonly used in product promotion, brand promotion, election activities, sales demonstrations, sports events, vocal concerts etc. It brings higher utilization of display and recovers the cost of investment quickly.outdoor advertising product

Product Features
1. Mobile: change the traditional ways of advertising from fixed and passive to mobile, reach the places where the customers are, makes the effect of media show is outstanding and convenient.
2. Wireless intelligent control: global positioning system (GPS), remote control LED signal by 3G/4G transfer intelligent instruction.
3. Energy saving, high-definition and high protection: choose Sino-color outdoor high-definition and energy saving led display, with high brightness, high definition, waterproof and dust-proof cabinet, save energy and power.
4. The screen size could be customized, the brightness could be adjusted for both outdoor and indoor use.
5. Module double power and signal input, double insurance for working stability. Still non-stop working in case of any failure.


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