Microchip Lays Out Vision for Power Over Ethernet

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This week, Microchip announced through its subsidiary Microsemi an eight-port device that provides guaranteed power of 60 W per port for all eight ports simultaneously: the PDS-408G.100mbps poe switch

The 480-watt fanless switch is designed for digital lighting applications and will connect separate systems such as lighting, sensors, HVAC, and Wi-Fi access points over a single switch.
Building automation is a term that refers to automation that is specific to the inner workings of a building. In general, this will often refer to commercial-grade buildings or compounds, but the concept extends both directions into both smaller systems like smart homes and enormous systems like smart cities. You can check out this roundup on building automation if you'd like a bird's-eye view of recent happenings related to this application.

Microchip, among other large players in the field, are looking closely at PoE as the solution for more connected buildings.

Interestingly, the application that Microchip has in mind for this switch is the "Microchip Digital Ceiling":
The concept is for this switch to bring power and data to various Ethernet terminals for connected lighting, power systems, security, etc. In addition to providing a guaranteed 60 W to each port, the PDS-408G can also deliver 90 W to any one port.

Plenum-Rated, Fanless Design
A plenum space in a building is an area with a specified amount of airflow. It’s a great place to put power-bearing and/or communications cables. That’s because no matter how efficient the cabling system is, some heat will be generated.

The PDS-408G, combined with proper cabling, will not overwhelm the heat transfer capacity of a plenum space.


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