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If you're like us, you have a thing for beauty. And no, we're not just talking about a minimalist collection of a couple tubes of lip gloss and a mascara. No, we mean every time you weave your way through the checkout line at Sephora, somehow your purchase seems to triple. You see a sale at Lush and your bank account is done for. You walk into Urban Outfitters to buy a coat, only to come out with a box of I Dew Care Face Masks and a handful of new Milk Makeup highlighters. You get the idea. And perhaps you've recently hit a point where your impressive beauty stash is also on the verge of inducing an all-out clutter-fueled panic attack. We've been there.cosmetic storage display box

But before you let that I-have-too-much-stuff anxiety get the best of you, realize that there's an easy fix for this problem. It's time to stop pretending that throwing your products into one universal drawer is a form of organization, and to invest in a storage system designed to simplify and streamline your collection.

Ready to clear up some much-needed space in your bedroom and bathroom and finally achieve the vanity of your dreams? Click through the gallery below to see 14 beauty organizers that will make you want to hit "add to cart" ASAP.


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