indoor and outdoor led display in 2019

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It's pretty much illegal anywhere you go to hold onto your phone while you drive, so not only is a car mount a handy investment, it's the law! Plain old cradle-and-clamp car mounts can be a big, fat pain, whereas a great magnetic mount makes life so much easier when you're getting in and out of the car, as you can quite literally grab and go. These are the best magnetic car mounts for your phone!indoor and outdoor led display

There are cheaper versions of this super compact style available, but Trianium's has three advantages: six magnets sit inside this mount instead of the usual four, it has beautiful aluminum accents in fun colors like blue and pink, and its refined look is perfect for business travelers on a budget. $8 at Amazon
WizGear's magnetic mounts are some of the most popular magnetic mounts on Amazon. Rock-bottom prices on low-profile mounts like this twist-locking model allow you to adjust the angle of your phone while keeping a great grip on your air vent.
This compact mount fits into the CD disc slot on older model vehicles, allowing you to turn an obsolete feature into an ideal mounting location. The magnetic head can be angled thanks to a rotating swivel head, and Koomus mounts are made to last $20
This bendy mount can mount to your windshield — make sure that's allowed where you live first — and weave around for the best positioning, then bend out of the way when you don't need it. $11

Magnetic mounts need a metal plate to cling to, and while boring flat plates will get you by, your plate can do more! The Spigen Style Ring Pop works with all flat-plate magnetic mounts, doubles as a phone grip, and triples as a kickstand. It comes in five cool colors

Nite Ize's original Steelie requires a concave button you can't hide under a case, but the Orbiter uses a flat metal plate to connect to a concave socket that stays with the mount. At its core, though, the Orbiter still uses the same super


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