Solving the solution of slag vertical grinding noise pollution

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Shanghai SBM: A solution to the problem of slag vertical grinding noise pollution

Noise pollution not only affects people's work mood, but also affects people's health. The friends who work in the slag vertical mill cement factory are deeply aware of the point. Although the state has regulations on the noise of grinding equipment such as slag vertical mill, These problems are often difficult to control. How to reduce the noise pollution of slag vertical roller mill has become a place for enterprises to pay attention to.

Shanghai SBM gives relevant experience based on its own experience.

First, look for the cause. In the actual work of the slag vertical grinding equipment, there are many reasons for the noise of the equipment. Therefore, for the user to completely solve the equipment noise problem, it is necessary to first find out the specific cause of the noise generated by the equipment, and carry out targeted Solve, this is more effective in solving the problem of equipment noise. The noise problem generated during the production of slag vertical mill has a great relationship with the equipment's own technology and production process. This is the main reason for the noise generated by the equipment. This requires perfect equipment production technology to fundamentally eliminate noise.

Secondly, during the use of equipment, the slag vertical mill cement plant did not do the corresponding maintenance work. Everyone knows that maintenance can extend the service life of the equipment to a certain extent and improve the production efficiency of the equipment. It is not known that good long-term maintenance work can reduce the noise during the production of the equipment. During the use of slag vertical mill equipment, the user must periodically inspect the various components of the equipment, regularly clean the equipment, and tighten the fasteners such as loose bolts to reduce the noise during the production of the equipment.

After that, the hardness and humidity of the material are guaranteed to be within the crushing range of the slag vertical grinding equipment. It turns out that if the material crushed by the equipment is relatively hard, it will not only accelerate the wear of the equipment, but also cause the equipment to cause a lot of vibration during the crushing process, which will cause the equipment to generate noise. For materials with relatively high humidity, it will block the equipment. The equipment causes noise due to vibration.

In summary, there are many reasons for the noise generated by slag vertical grinding. Of course, there are solutions to the cause. It is believed that with the development of technology, noise pollution will not become a problem.


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