Reasons for choosing SBM ultrafine mill

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asked Aug 24 by anonymous

With the increasing demand of ultra-fine mills, customers have a lot of blindness in their purchases. They often only look at the price of equipment, but they don’t really find the equipment that suits them. There are many manufacturers of mills. If you want to choose the right equipment, you must choose the right manufacturer. SBM recommends that you personally go to the inspection to make a detailed understanding of the manufacturer's production strength and qualifications, so that you can buy good equipment and fundamentally reduce production costs.

For SBM's small HGM80 ultrafine mill equipment, some manufacturers have prices of more than 100,000, other manufacturers may need more than 200,000, the price disparity is so large, mainly because of ultra-fine The material composition of each part of the mill is different from the quality of the parts. SBM provides customers with products and services based on the corporate philosophy of seeking truth from facts. Therefore, in the manufacturing process of superfine mills, every staff member is dedicated to the inspection of every detail of the product.

Everyone knows that one point is worth the price. Some customers may blindly reduce the price when purchasing equipment, reduce the equipment investment as much as possible, and even buy which one is cheaper. In fact, this concept is wrong because the ultra-fine grinding after purchase. The powder machine equipment is not used for a short period of time. It is intended to obtain higher production profit through it. If the performance of the purchased parts of the equipment is not good, it is easy to have problems. The maintenance costs incurred in the later period are unpredictable and cannot reach the customer itself. The result you want.

If you want to get a detailed quote of the ultra-fine mill, you need to know your needs: the production requirements of the mill (for the production), for example: 5 tons / hour; whether the matching equipment is purchased: the supporting equipment mainly includes Whether dust removal equipment, conveying equipment, crushing equipment, screening equipment, etc. are all needed, or only a part of them are required, and the necessary conditions are explained in detail.


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