What is the difference between Raymond mill and ball mill?

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asked Aug 31 by anonymous

The same as the grinding equipment, from the name alone, raymond mill and ball mill have a big difference. In addition, Raymond mill and ball mill are also very different in appearance. For example, the ball mill is made up of horizontal cylinders, feeding and discharging. The hollow shaft and the grinding head are composed of a part, the cylinder is a long cylinder, and the cylinder is provided with an abrasive body. Raymond Mill is built. What other differences are there between Raymond mills and ball mills? From the function point of view, the difference between Raymond mill and ball mill is that the powder of Raymond mill is much finer than that of the ball mill. The difference in fineness between the two mills is large, the discharge speed of the ball mill is fast, and the material after crushing The particle size is relatively coarse; after years of improvement, Raymond mill has a grinding fineness of 325 mesh for mineral raw materials. In addition, Raymond mill is mainly used for ultra-fine pulverization processing of various ores, building materials and chemical materials with Mohs hardness below 9.3 and humidity less than 6%, such as graphite, talc and kaolin. Fine powder processing of stone, limestone and other materials, the fineness of the finished product is as high as 2000 mesh, which is suitable for projects and projects with high requirements on fineness of some materials. Ball mill is mainly used for materials with Mohs hardness below 7 and humidity below 6%. It is widely used in black and non-ferrous metal processing, fertilizer processing, refractory processing and silicide manufacturing. It can dry and wet materials. Grinding, the fineness of the finished product can reach 425 mesh, which is commonly used in the beneficiation production line for the grinding of materials, preparing for the next process of the production line. Raymond mills and ball mills have their own advantages, each with its own characteristics, so the majority of users must choose the right mill equipment according to their own needs when purchasing the mill. Shanghai SBM specializes in the production of various types of mills, welcome customers to come to buy.


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