Is the Raymond mill's grinding roller and grinding ring durable?

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asked Sep 3 by anonymous

The main effect of Raymond mill processing materials is that the grinding roller is crushed and then air-selected. When processing ore and other materials, the grinding roller and the grinding ring will wear more. Some friends buy raymond mill when they purchase it. I will ask how long the grinding roller and the grinding ring can be used. The length of this time is related to the material characteristics and production time of the processing. Some friends process the bluestone, and do not need to replace it for 8 hours a day. Grinding rolls and grinding rings. Some friends who work on bauxite also work 8 hours a day. They need to change the grinding rolls and grinding rings in a month or two. Even the grinding rolls and grinding rings with wear-resistant materials can't be used for too long. The toughness of the material is not easy to be powdered, the processing yield is low, the sand iron of the material is relatively strong, and the grinding roller and the grinding ring are relatively comparative. Therefore, the processing of different materials, the operation life of the grinding roller at different times is not necessarily the same. At present, the grinding roller and the grinding ring are commonly used in three kinds of alloys. The three alloys of manganese 13 and 65 manganese are commonly used, and the comprehensive performance is better. The manganese 13 is more wear-resistant but some in processing. When the material is not suitable, the quality of 65 manganese is low. When users buy different types of grinding rolls and grinding rings, they should choose the suitable one according to the use condition and the characteristics of their own materials. The better the material, the higher the price.


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