BPC-157 Powder

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BPC 157 powder is also referred to as "stable pentagastropeptide," mainly because it is stable in human gastric fluids, can cause anabolic therapeutic effects in the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract, has an antiulcerative effect, and produces a therapeutic effect. inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) - Surprisingly no side effects again.
As demonstrated in the studies cited above, BPC-157 also accelerates wound healing and causes endothelial tissue protection and "angiogenesis" (vascular construction) wound healing by interaction with the nitric oxide (NO) system. This situation may even occur in severely damaged conditions, such as advanced and poorly controlled irritable bowel syndrome, in which it stimulates the expression of genes responsible for the production of cytokines and growth factors, as well as the formation of extracellular matrix (collagen), and intestines. Anastomotic healing, reversing short bowel syndrome and fistula healing - all of these can cause extreme frustration in people with bowel pain, constipation, diarrhea and enteritis.
Bpc 157 Usage
a.Joint Health and Rejuvenation
b.Accelerates Bone Healing
c.Protects against intestinal damage
Bpc 157 Dosage
There has been extensive research on BPC-157 and it has been demonstrated that the system is effective when it is injected once per day per kilogram body weight of 1-10 mcg. In most cases, this can range from 200mcg to 800mcg. Some people reported that the most successful dose twice a day was 250-350 mcg, for a total of 500-700 mcg per day.
It depends on your weight. All studies conducted to date have used rodent studies, and the usual effective doses for rat and mouse injections are thought to be approximately 10 μg (kgg) per kilogram of KG, which in humans is considered to be approximately 1.6 μg per kilogram of humans. So if you are:
60 kg (132 pounds), then your ideal daily oral dose of BPC-157 is 96 micrograms (micrograms)
70 kg (154 lbs) => 112 μg
80 kg (176 lbs) => 128 μg
90 kg (198 lbs) => 144 mcg


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