The Demo for NBA 2K20 Is Now Live

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asked Sep 10 by sonn2019 (12,500 points)

The demo lets players get started with the MyPlayer, and gives a look into the game's in-depth MyCAREER mode. The MyCAREER mode was revealed with a cinematic trailer titled "When The Lights Are Brightest", featuring Idris Elba. According to the game's site, "his year’s narrative features the storyline of an NBA prospect named Che on his quest for gold both on and off the court, covering the importance of mentors, dealing with off-court pressures and current social issues. In this game setting, the path to stardom is firmly in the gamers hands." If you're thinking of trying the demo and want to know more, check out the trailer below:nba 2k20 mt
NBA 2K20 releases on 6th September. Will you be trying the demo? Let us know in the comments!

We've got the full list of NBA 2K20 achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.Click Here


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