99% Trenbolone Base Powder – Pharmade Steroid Powder

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99% Trenbolone Base Powder – Pharmade Steroid Powder

Tren A (Tren E) powder for sale For sale
Name: Trenbolone base
Other name: Trenbolone
CAS: 10161-33-8
Appearance: yellow fine powder
Purity: 99.6%
Standard: USP standard
Certificate: SGS made in china certificated supplier, Golden Member, Kosher.

Trenbolone base (Cas ID: 10161-33-8)
MIn order on raw: 10gram
Shipping time: within 2 working days.
Payment methods: Bitcoin, WU,MG,Bank wire.

Trenbolone base Usage:
Trenbolone base Oily based 100mg/ml , 150MG/ML, 200MG/ML
Trenbolone Base with no ester is one of the most anabolic steroids on the planet, and it has a few different variants. Two of them are very common. There is Tren E and Tren A. They have the same hormone but they act differently, have a different time that they remain in your system and have a differentiation in potency.Trenbolone base does not cause aromatization,
Trenbolone base is very powerful, but there are plenty myths surrounding this common steroid

Trenbolone base Side effect:
Trenbolone base produces possible androgenic side effects such as body hair growth, acne, and escalated hair loss in those genetically inclined toward male pattern baldness.


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