Important parts grinding disc in cement vertical roller mill grinding equipment

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As the main component of the vertical roller mill, the grinding disc is also a wearable part. When the disc lining is seriously worn, it needs to stop to replace the new lining or the whole set of grinding discs, which not only affects the vertical grinding work efficiency, but also increases the enterprise. Maintenance costs. In order to improve the service life of the grinding disc, SBM heavy machine continuously optimizes the design of the grinding disc casting process, overcomes the shortcomings of the previous structure, makes the grinding disc base evenly stressed, increases the bite angle between the grinding disc grinding rolls, and avoids the grinding disc non-wearing The surface is brushed to effectively extend the life of the grinding disc.

In recent years, as the process of cement production and processing has matured, the cement grinding equipment and technology used have been greatly developed. In the current grinding system, the energy-saving effect of the cement vertical roller mill has been well received by the enterprise, and the grinding disc is the main component of the cement vertical roller mill. The primary function is to stabilize the material bed, and the casting process requires high casting process. The following are the performance advantages of the SBM heavy machine grinding disc:

1. SBM heavy machine grinding disc has high hardness, good anti-cracking, strong wear resistance and fine workmanship;

2. The finishing of steel castings adopts arc gouging and shot blasting to ensure the appearance quality of steel castings;

3, vertical grinding casting process is more advanced, with strong equipment manufacturing capabilities.


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