High Quality API Carvedilol Phosphate Hemihydrate Powder

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High Quality API Carvedilol Phosphate Hemihydrate Powder

Carvedilol phosphate is a kind of selective blockade alpha 1 - receptor and nonselective beta blockers, no inherent to the sympathetic activity drugs, bioavailability of 10 ~ 47%, and is not affected by food, significantly lower than the action of the alpha 1 - receptor beta 1 - and 2 - receptor beta, the block 1 - and the strength of the beta 2 - receptor beta ratio of 1:10 ~ 1:100, block 1 - the role of receptor beta about 1/2 of labetalol and its weak prazosin alpha 1 block effect. It can dilate blood vessels, reduce peripheral vascular resistance, dilate coronary arteries and renal vessels, and reduce pulmonary wedge pressure. It has obvious protective effect on myocardial injury caused by myocardial hypoxia and myocardial infarction, which may be related to blocking -receptors, reducing the decrease of myocardial glycogen and the increase of pH, and reducing the infarct area.


Carvedilol phosphate is used to treat mild to moderate hypertension and can be used alone or in combination with other antihypertensive drugs (especially thiazide diuretics). For symptomatic chronic congestive heart failure.
Carvedilol has strong heart and neuroprotective effects: unlike normal β-receptor antagonists, long-term use of this product in hypertensive patients can not only dilate coronary and renal vessels, reduce peripheral vascular resistance, but also reduce systemic circulation. And pulmonary circulation resistance, effectively control high blood pressure. This product has a protective effect on renal function, does not change renal blood flow, but reduces microalbuminuria, reduces renal vascular resistance, and has a good regulatory effect on blood lipids.


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